Public Transport

Public Transport

Used by Transport for London and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York. UV-C light is leading the way in disinfection on public transport. 

UV-C light is proven to inactivate 99.9% all known bacteria and viruses including Covid-19. When used in areas with high numbers of people, UV-C light is effective in reducing the spread of infections.

Reducing dependency on strong cleaning chemicals, UV-C offers an effective alternative solution reassuring both customers and employees.

PNE Controls with UV Technology Global and Signify manufacture a range of products for the disinfection of the air and surfaces to suit requirements. 

suggested products

A portable, high output , hand-held device to disinfect surfaces and hard to reach areas in seconds.

A fixed installation of luminaires on the ceiling is used at controlled times to fill a room with disinfecting UV-C light.

Tablet controlled mobile decontamination unit for disinfection of air and surfaces which can be easily moved between vehicles and carriages.


More than 200 UV light sanitising devices are being installed on 110 escalators on the London Underground network.


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PNE Controls are an authorised distributor of UV Technology Global products, including the Signify UV-C disinfection and OEM ranges.