Planned Preventative Maintenance is key to ensuring plant productivity and efficiency is always at an optimum avoiding costly breakdown periods.

PNE Controls we offer a choice of service to help achieve your business objectives:

Thermographic Surveying

A non-intrusive survey causing no interruption to your normal business operation.  There is no other preventative maintenance technology or technique to accurately identify defects such as poor connections,  overloaded cables and faulty electrical equipment as safely and quickly also providing an auditable inspection record of your  equipment’s health in the form of a comprehensive report.



Obsolescence and Reliability Surveying

Effective Obsolescence Management allows proactive management of aging software and hardware.  Understanding where potential issues may arise allows planning to ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum whether that be by holding critical spares with pre-loaded programmes or upgrading to latest versions of hardware.

Critical Spares

Unfortunately breakdown of machinery is inevitable at some stage of a systems life, how it is managed is key to ensure minimum disruption to production and minimising the impact on the business objectives.  We are happy to work with you to compile a comprehensive site specific or central stock for businesses with multiple locations.  All spares (including obsolete equipment) sourcing is through authorised manufacturer routes to market giving you the peace of mind that no system warranties are being invalidated by installation of “Grey Market” parts, all equipment we supply has and the backing of the manufacturers warranties and support if required.


Remote Support

PNE currently successfully support many customers around the world remotely substantially reducing their cost for site visits.  Installation of a remote access system can be made with very little disruption to existing systems and is offered as an option on all new projects due to the future cost benefits for program modifications of fault identification and rectification.


PNE value our employees as a key business asset and regularly invest in training to ensure you receive the support you deserve and giving our employees increased job satisfaction and morale.

The investment in training that a company makes shows employees that they are valued. Training creates a supportive workplace and a development program brings all employees to a higher level increasing their skills and knowledge in turn you will benefit from increased efficiencies in processes, increased capacity to adopt new technologies and methods and reduced employee turnover all ultimately contributing to the achievement of your business goals.

We offer a range of training services to suit your business needs:

Commissioning Training – Site based training can be tailored to suit your engineers and/or operatives to ensure understanding of the operation of your bespoke systems and basic fault rectification.

Software/Hardware Training – Supported by all the major software and hardware manufacturers comprehensive training can be given to enhance the knowledge of your engineers improving understanding of the every evolving products and equipment on the market.

Tailored packages can be delivered on your site or here at PNE Controls we run a number of courses throughout the year.

Please contact our Operations Coordinator for further information on any of our PPM services 0774 1281379.