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Remote support

Remote Support

PNE Controls have launched a new Remote Support product in
order to be ‘on-site virtually’ in seconds.

1. Reduce the need for on-site visits
2. Save on costs
3. Substantially reduce downtime
4. Find faults faster
5. Rectify the problem quicker

By installing an efficient and secure Machine Maintenance U-Link Box, PNE are able to conduct remote maintenance easily and accelerate the service process.

If a breakdown does occur, experts from PNE Controls are able to log in and identify the fault faster enabling a quicker turnaround time.

Reducing the requirement for in person site visits saves on costs and most importantly time.

Remote boxes are offered as an option on all new projects due to the future cost benefits for program modifications of fault identification and rectification and can be retrofitted to existing equipment. 

Installation of a remote access system can be made with very little disruption to existing systems.  Connection is made either by direct ethernet, WiFi or via a 4G SIM card giving access from anywhere in the world as though plugged into the machine. The connection is highly secure, the remote boxes provide VPN access via bank-level encryption.

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