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Our qualified Electrotechnical design team offer from a wealth of experience across all aspects of industry to develop fit for purpose designs to support your business needs.

Consultation can be given at project conception to ensure leading edge technologies are incorporated whether upgrading an existing system or development of a new scheme to ensure your business is investing in a product design that can offer the most cost-effective solution with sustainability and longevity.

We are proud of the relationships already established working together with our customers to achieve their end goals and have been rewarded will excellent customer satisfaction and feedback.

As a key business partner with EPLAN we provide a complete electrical design package. With the facility to produce virtual control systems allowing customers if desired the opportunity for early involvement seeing the product prior to build eliminating costly rework for design changes, also all supporting documentation is automatically generated as standard.

Eplan would be our product of choice for you project design but can also offer CAD if specified by a customer.

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