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Case Study


Manufacturer of bespoke conveyor and product handling equipment required innovative experts, to provide quality automation control solutions and deliver design and installation support.


Asmech Systems offer a comprehensive range of equipment to provide
automated turnkey materials handling systems for the Food, Beverage,
Pharmaceutical, Industrial & Packaging sectors.

The skills offered from PNE Controls support the control automation element of these designs, enabling Asmech to push boundaries to provide the most up to date solutions on the market backed up with full support from PNE when it counts.


Prior to PNE Control’s involvement with Asmech they were using other companies to fulfil the electrical automation requirements.

A lack of understanding of Asmech’s end goal at the outset led to requirements for additional parts not in the original specification and extra labour on site, all of which were missed whilst defining the
project scope, ultimately leading to delays and additional costs.



Asmech chose PNE for automation control solutions for their knowledge of how the
systems operate within the field and over the last five years have come to rely on the suggestive feedback from all the staff at PNE to assist them in achieving their goals for each and every project.

adding value

“PNE provide a high level of customer service throughout and is most noticeable when support is required at short notice. They will always make themselves available. They will juggle work around or lean on contractor connections in the industry to ensure that there is support on site as soon as possible no matter how busy they are.


Never more so do you appreciate a high level of service when you have an issue and you have pressure from the end customer.


Experience and knowledge are the key components to the service PNE provide, as they can advise on the right direction to go in and can cite previous projects as to why a certain part is needed and can add that to the specification rather than have multiple revisions throughout the job.”

Josh Todd, Sales Director, Asmech Systems Ltd



Asmech are always happy for PNE to visit and deal with their customer directly, knowing that PNE are keeping the project on track and working towards the end goal with Asmech.


Always flexible and honest regarding timeframes and what they can and can’t achieve. Where PNE knew, due to other work constraints, that they could not fulfil the full order, they have been honest and happy with work with another company to achieve the end goal for Asmech and their customer.

Forward Thinking

When working to a tight deadline PNE utilised their remote service technology in order to complete the software work out of hours ensuring that the work could still be completed on time and did not require another site visit which would delay the commissioning of the product.

Future Focus

There is a constant change in the types of technology available for Asmech and PNE to offer the markets they operate in. PNE are always looking for improvements, whether that is reducing installation time or providing Asmech with the most up to date technology.

Continual Innovation

Improving the solutions provided to customers. Not just doing what was always done if a repeat solution requires change and upgraded thinking.


Asmech are growing in this market and have the confidence in PNE that they can provide the expertise to support their ambitions.

Final Word

“My advice to others who might be considering working with PNE Controls is to realise the high level of support they would be receiving with the products provided. They are more than happy to go ‘above and beyond’ to support you in your solutions for the end customer.

The success of Asmech Systems has been very much supported from the great products and service PNE Controls provide”.

Josh Todd, Sales Director, Asmech Systems Ltd

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