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First gym in the Netherlands with UV-C light to
disinfect air in workout spaces.


‘t Klaslokaal is a gym school based in Bloemendaal, the Netherlands.
When the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in and the lockdown was announced, the owner Toby Timmers had to quickly adapt and think of new ways to avoid personal bankruptcy. 


Despite all the efforts and adjustments, including aerobics lessons via Zoom and lessons in the parking lot, the business was suffering. He had to close his exclusive women’s gym and adapt. Being an entrepreneur, Timmers reinvented himself and developed a new concept: a disinfected gym.


Following the first lockdown the owner of the gym Create a disinfected gym, ‘t Klaslokaal, wanted to create an environment where one can easily exercise at a 1.5 m distance, without worrying about being too close to others in an indoor space where the virus can spread.

In addition to excellent ventilation he installed four Philips UV-C disinfection upper air units in his gym, which are designed to be installed on ceilings for the disinfection of air in the upper areas of a room in a wide range of applications.

adding value

“In our gym, all hygiene and distance regulations according to RIVM1 are implemented.

I am convinced our UV-C lamps provide a valuable contribution to keeping the air in the upper sections of our workout spaces disinfected.


You work out in a disinfected room and we are the first to introduce this in the Netherlands.



I believe that aerosols are a big part of the problem and I want to be ‘avant-garde’, to be part of the solution”.


Toby Timmers, Owner ‘t Klaslokaal Gym.


Optimised for low ceiling heights – minimum 2.5m

The UV-C rays are distributed at device level and above, allowing quiet disinfection
of a large volume of air in the upper areas of a room while business activity continues underneath the device’s level. Philips PL-S TUV lamp included: 4×9 W.

Deactivates tested pathogens

UV-C light has been proven to effectively deactivate tested pathogens.

Safety in mind

Radiates UV-C in the upper areas, where it does not reach people.
As a result of this, business activities can continue, while the device is in use.

Environmentally friendly

No ozone emissions during or after use.

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